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Icon@2x.pngUsing the iPad / iPad mini, which was developed classic car rally, the historic car rally, "DX500RALLY.Classic" is a rally computer applications.


  • Measurement accuracy
    • Measurement accuracy of 1/100 second.
    • The always time correction function using GPS.
  • Download route information
    • You can download the game data prepared organizer.
    • You can display the frame diagram.
    • (PC, CO, SCP) competition information is also downloaded.
    • GPS in navigating, I will prevent the mistake of directions.
    • You can view the map, you can see the map points to the vehicle position.
  • Input and save (PC, CO, SCP) of the competition information
    • You can create a competition information on your own, you can save up to 5 groups up to slot.
  • Support for cooperation of CO and PC game competition.
    • Goal of CO, goal of PC and goal of CO, start the PC corresponds to the game that work.
    • For more information, please LinkIconclick here.
  • Simulation of competition Information
    • It is possible to use the simulation mode, to training of "PC", "CO", "SCP" at home.
  • Check on-time by the display and sound
    • Configurable alarm and voice countdown.
    • The "progress bar graph display", you can game while checking the proceeds delay.
  • Operation by hand switch
    • Use external vehicle speed acquisition device "BLE49", you can use the hand switch function.
    • You can also install hand switch of "BORA".

How to get the distance and vehicle speed, supports the following three types currently.

CAR MATE MFG.CO.,LTD. 「DriveMate Connect DX500」

  • From self-diagnostic OBD2 connector, I get the information of the car. (I can not attach it to classic car.)

「BLE49」Arduino+Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Use built-in mini computer the "Arduino" and get the vehicle speed pulse signal of the ECU. I will send the data to the iPad by Bluetooth Low Energy standard. I also supports vehicle speed pulse generator.
  • Compatible models, iPad third generation or later / iPad mini (iOS6.0 or higher)
  • The person who you wish to purchase, please contact us below.

I hear by e-mail.

Real_col_Help.png iPad mini 3G and iPad. (IOS6.0 or higher)
Real_col_Help.png If the WiFi model, "external GPS" is required.

Real_col_Information.png Function introduction video

Real_col_Information.gifWe offer a free version check function.

Doticon_grn_Star.pngFull version is here.



"DX500RALLY.Classic" is an authorized rally computer "Nagano Auto Sports Club".